Victory for councillors fight to get new crossing in Bearsden

Duncan Cumming campaigned for a new pedestrian crossing near Bearsden Hub.
Duncan Cumming campaigned for a new pedestrian crossing near Bearsden Hub.

A Bearsden councillor is claiming a victory for common sense after councillors agreed to build a new controlled pedestrian crossing to serve the new Bearsden Hub.

The council’s ruling administration (Labour/Conservative) had originally planned to delay building a new crossing on Drymen Road until the Hub had been built.

However Independent Councillor Duncan Cumming, with backing from SNP Councillors, argued for the crossing to be installed sooner so that it would be available when the Hub opens in early 2017.

Councillor Cumming said: “I have always been concerned about the safety of pedestrians on this road.

“The ruling administration had no appetite for this until they realised I had backing from SNP councillors.

“They wanted to wait and see how much demand there was for a new crossing once the Hub was built.

“However local people already know how dangerous and busy this road is.

“I’m glad that the council is now going ahead with it and hope that it will be there once the Hub is open.”

SNP Councillor Keith Small said: “People take their lives into their hands because they don’t want to walk down to the cross or up to Brookwood Library to the crossings.

“We have a risk and we should address this and not wait until 2017 because an accident could happen today.

“Many elderly people cross this road and pupils from Bearsden Primary.

“It’s a known hazard and I support a new crossing as soon as possible.”

SNP Councillor Ian Mackay added: “I’m surprised this crossing wasn’t an integral part of the project from the beginning.

“I’ve watching kids dicing with death getting across to the bus shelter in front of the Hub.

“We should be doing this now - not when there is an accident.”

An independent transport engineering consultancy was appointed to consider a range of crossing types and locations around the site of the Hub.

Following a decision by the Council’s Development and Regeneration Committee on Tuesday, a new Puffin Crossing is to be installed on Drymen Road north of Kirk Road.

Councillor Alan Moir, convener of development and regeneration, said: “The safety of pedestrians and motorists is of paramount importance and we know that this can be quite a busy road to cross. The new Puffin Crossing is excellent news for the local community as it will provide a safe place to cross to access the new Community Hub, which is sure to be very well-used when it opens next year.”

Puffin Crossings are smarter and should not cause unnecessary delays to traffic in the area.

Council officers will now start work on the detailed design with a view to install the crossing at the earliest opportunity.