View from Holyrood by Fiona McLeod MSP

The NHS has been on everyone’s lips this week, for good and bad reasons, but despite all the Labour Leadership silliness, it was a poll published on the subject that really caught my attention.

The Survation polling group asked more than 1000 Scots which party they trusted with the NHS – 42 per cent said the SNP, 20 per cent said Labour, while four per cent said the Lib Dems, and after this week’s Labour surgery waiting list debacle I’d imagine their figure might be significantly reduced.

Of those surveyed a quarter of the Labour voters from 2010 and 2011 now trust the SNP with the NHS rather than Labour.

It is understandable why so many people trust the NHS to the SNP when you see how serious we are at reducing the problem of delayed discharge, and the investment we’ve made in front line services to keep the target number of people seen in A&E to less than four hours, with Scotland the best out of all the UK countries.

£65million invested in frontline services and a massive £100million invested nationally in reducing the problem of delayed discharge, of which £1.7million is directed at East Dunbartonshire.

Just this week we are celebrating the third anniversary of the ‘Detect Cancer Early’ campaign. Originally £30million was invested in programmes designed to raise the detection of breast, bowel and lung cancer by 25 per cent by 2015. The Scottish Government have announced a further £9million for the next financial year. Innovative campaigns have confronted social stigmas, by showing real women’s breasts on TV to highlight all the symptoms of breast cancer, getting people to talk about their toilet habits and not to ignore important signs of bowel cancer. This has led to 4,300 more bowel cancer kits return on average per month and a 50% increase in women visiting their doctor about concerns they have following the start of the ‘lumps aren’t the only sign’ campaign. The earlier cancer can be detected, the better it can be treated, that’s the important result of these high profile campaigns, and I am delighted they are having such a positive effect