Wake up – time to smell the dog mess!

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DOG fouling, litter and graffiti are top of the agenda for fed-up locals.

Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor David Ritchie says he’s had dozens of responses from residents who believe East Dunbartonshire Council is not providing the resources needed to tackle anti-social behaviour problems.

Councillor Ritchie warned: “This should be a wake-up call for the council. People are really concerned about these issues.

“The council has cutback its resources and I don’t think it’s putting enough in to deal with these issues.

“The responses highlight the strength of feeling in the community about these problems not being tackled.

“The council doesn’t seem to care or see anti-social behaviour as a priority. I think it should.”

As part of cust-cutting measures community support officers were reduced from 12 to three in 2010.

And the Herald revealed recently that the council only issued one fine last year for dog fouling.

David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “The council has a very regular and thorough cleaning programme to tackle litter.

“Across the council there are five dedicated litter picking teams who cover the entire East Dunbartonshire area each week.

“We also carry out litter awareness campaigns and our recently completed ‘No Butts about it’ campaign saw a positive measured improvement in street cleanliness.

“Dog fouling is also a problem. Despite the council providing free dog poop bags a core of inconsiderate dog owners continue to allow their dogs to foul the streets and parks.

“To address this, the council is about to organise an anti-dog fouling campaign, which will concentrate on issuing fixed penalty notices to dog owners who continue to allow their dogs to foul our streets.

“Graffiti is another anti-social problem and when informed of it the council removes it as quickly as possible, with offensive messages being given priority.”

He added: “The council invests heavily in these services, but we also need the co-operation of communities to not drop litter, clear up after their dogs and take pride in their area.”

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