Walker’s quest hamstrung by vandals and lack of interest

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ONE woman’s mission to make Kirkintilloch a mecca for walkers has stalled due to a dearth of support.

Not only that, one of the Walkers are Welcome signs – on the way into Kirkintilloch from Cumbernauld – has been vandalised.

The sign near Gartconner Primary has been daubed with rude grafitti.

The town was awarded Walkers Are Welcome status in 2010 after local resident Penny Sinclair single-handedly led a tireless campaign.

The Walkers Are Welcome scheme is designed to be run by a steering group, but Penny has been left high and dry after failing to find any volunteers to help.

She said: “I’m the founder and basically we have no office-bearers. We’ve done well to get the status and £3,000 from Awards for All for signs, but we need more people to get involved to keep it going.”

Penny has a number of exciting ideas about how the town can take advantage of its Walkers are Welcome status, and has several applications for funding in the pipeline.

She said: “It really doesn’t take much commitment - an hour or so three times a year.

“Some people have said to me that Walkers Are Welcome doesn’t make any difference, but visitor numbers at the Auld Kirk Museum were up 35 per cent last year.So more people do seem to be coming to the town.”

If you are able to volunteer contact Penny on 0141 776 6709.

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