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CHEEKY motorists who steal disabled spaces could soon be facing fines.

East Dunbartonshire Council is a step closer to making disabled parking bays legally enforceable.

Currently motorists who do not have a disabled badge can park in the yellow bays without fear of a fine, but that will all change within the next two years.

The Scottish Government has encouraged local authorities to make the spaces mandatory under the new Disabled Persons’ Parking Places Act.

At last week’s meeting of the development and infrastructure committee councillors were told that a full audit of all disabled parking bays had been carried out, along with a public consultation exercise.

Bays which are no longer required have now been removed and officers are preparing to establish new Traffic Regulation Orders.

A total of £100,000 has been committed from the 2012/13 budget to install signs at enforceable bays.

Councillor John Dempsey, vice-convener of the committee, said: “This is another important step forward in ensuring that any abuse of these bays can be acted on and that they are available for those who really need them.”