Warning – pram may be dangerous ... health centre tells mum to leave it out

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AN angry mum has hit out after being told she couldn’t bring her baby’s pram into a medical centre – because of health and safety.

Alison Rutherford took her baby boy, Archie, for a check-up at Peel View Medical Centre in Kirkintilloch.

But the 29-year-old was shocked to be told she would need to leave the pram outside.

Alison said: “I walked up to the surgery as I do not have a car.

“When I went to give the receptionist my son’s name I was told that I wasn’t allowed to bring the pram into the surgery due to health and safety reasons and that I had to leave it outside.

“I asked who would be liable if it was damaged or stolen whilst outside, to which she replied ‘not the surgery’.

“I said I would not be able to stay for the appointment as I was not willing to take the chance of leaving a £500 pram outside.

“My son was then late for his six-week check-up.

“I spoke to the practice manager who said that it was a health and safety policy, but it was as if she couldn’t explain why.”

Alison has since registered with another health centre.

A spokesperson for Peel View Medical Centre said: “We are very sorry if the patient was upset but, due to previous comments from patients and how busy the waiting room can be, a covered pram shelter was built at the back of the building.

“We are also looking at providing pram locks for those who don’t have them for additional safety.”

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