Warning to residents after fraudster targets Moodiesburn cash machine

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POLICE have warned people to be extra vigilant when withdrawing money - after a high-tech device capable of stealing account details was found attached to a village cashpoint.

The card skimming device was being used by fraudsters on an ATM in the Moodiesburn area recently.

The gadget is fitted over the normal card slot and records card details - allowing fraudsters to clone the card and use it to make purchases.

Now officers from Cumbernauld Police Station have issued a list of ways residents can avoid becoming victims of a range of cashpoint scams.

- before using a cash machine, have a quick look to see if there’s anything suspicious about it. As well as card skimmers, criminals also use small cameras to record pin numbers. If you are concerned - don’t use it and call the police.

- another tactic for the scammers is to use a card trap, which causes your card to be lodged in the machine allowing the fraudster to retrieve it later. If your card is ‘swallowed’ by a machine then call your bank immediately and have your card cancelled.

- be aware of who is around you. Crooks often use distraction techniques, such as dropping something or bumping into you, to draw your attention before snatching your cash.

- always cover the keypad with one hand while using the other to enter your PIN. This will stop miniature cameras or onlookers seeing your number.

- remember that your PIN should never be revealed to anybody else or written down in the same place as your card is kept.

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