Waterloo Road actress Kirstie Steele speaks out against abuse of women online at gender equality conference in Glasgow

Kirstie Steele
Kirstie Steele

Bullying and sexism against women online is one of the issues heading the agenda at a young women’s conference in Glasgow on Saturday, October 17.

One of the guest speakers at the event in the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in Byres Road is actress Kirstie Steele of Waterloo Road fame.

Other important issues covered include discrimination in the workplace and equal pay.

Young women from all over Scotland are expected to head to the Scottish Women’s Convention (SWC) Young Women’s Conference. The event will run from 11am-2.30pm.

According to the SWC, the majority of people subjected to low paid employment on zero hours contracts are made up of young women. They also experience discrimination in the workplace and are often unaware of how to challenge this.

They also face anonymous abusive on social media about their appearance and opinions, and one in five won’t got to parties or social events because of low body confidence.

Agnes Tolmie, SWC Chair said: “Attitudes towards young women need to change. They have skills, knowledge and views which must be valued by society.

“Young women should be encouraged to develop their potential, have their ideas recognised and their skills put to good use.

“Society will benefit by listening to this younger generation and the confidence they bring.”

Sh added that the media, particularly social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram adversely affects how young women perceive themselves. It also allows others to anonymously comment on their appearance and opinions.

Speakers include Aileen Campbell MSP, Minister for Children and Young People, Jillian Merchant, Employment Solicitor, Thompsons Solicitors and Kirstie Steele, Actor.