We need a clampdown on dangerous parking in Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs say residents

KIRKINTILLOCH, Newdyke Road - traffic chaos outside St Flannan's Primary. Really bad for traffic turning in from Hillhead Road'Photo Emma Mitchell'25/1/13
KIRKINTILLOCH, Newdyke Road - traffic chaos outside St Flannan's Primary. Really bad for traffic turning in from Hillhead Road'Photo Emma Mitchell'25/1/13

ACTION should be taken to clamp down on dangerous street parking around East Dunbartonshire, it has been claimed.

The Herald has once again been deluged with pleas for action in areas of Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs and beyond.

Guide Dogs Scotland is calling on people to contact their MSPs in support of proposed legislation that would target dozy parkers.

Sandra White MSP has lodged the Proposed Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill with the Scottish Parliament, but it must earn the support of MSPs to become law. The deadline is February 22.

Jane Horsburgh, from Guide Dogs Scotland, said: “Parking across dropped kerbs, crossing points and on pavements poses significant barriers to the mobility of blind and partially-sighted people, disabled and older people, as well as families with pushchairs.”

The Herald asked Facebook users to nominate the worst local areas and their parking pet hates.

Comments included:

Lorraine Stirling: “Up at St Agatha’s and Gartconner primaries – it’s a nightmare, people parking where there’s a crossing and on zig-zag lines. No way could an ambulance or fire engine get through. Something needs to be done.”

Jamie Rutherford: “Outside the chippy and bookies in Bishopbriggs on Kirkintilloch Road.”

Lynn Canning: “Lairdsland Primary. Since they did away with the traffic warden, you ought to see it at 3pm!”

Marnie Bain: “Bemersyde at St Helen’s Primary. Folk park in front of drives, on corners where there are no markings and double park. I’m surprised there hasn’t been an accident or even worse a child knocked down.”

Robert McFadden: “Lammermoor Road must be a strong contender for the worst road in East Dunbartonshire.

“There are double yellow lines adjacent and a T-junction and yet cars park there every day of the week.

“The hazards created by these actions are incredible, yet nothing seems to be done about this serious issue.

“The chicanes on Hillhead Road/Langmuir Road have now become a hazard due to the continuous rise in cars being parked on the road.”

Stewart Mcconnell: “The lights at the Lenzie shops outside the flower shop.”

Lynne Ferguson: “Any bus stop outside any shop. It’s for buses, not cars.

“Old people can’t step up from the road, only the kerb. Some drivers would drive right into the shops if they could. They can’t seem to walk the length of themselves.”

Lenzie resident Ann Paterson: “People think it’s okay to block your drive as they’ll only be 10 minutes or so, but I then come down the street and can’t get in and end up blocking the street and getting a mouthful of abuse!

“I’ve had situations where I can’t get out of my drive as people have just abandoned their cars and gone on the train. Infuriating!”

Laura Henderson: “Fern Avenue, Lenzie. People seem to think yellow lines are for decoration – putting children’s lives at risk with double parking, parking on pavements outside houses and driving along pavements prior to double parking. What happened to pedestrians?”

Karen Morrison: “People who park at lowered pavement crossings. They stop wheelchairs from crossing a road safely. Or folk parking half-on/half-off the road. It’s like an obstacle course.”

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