We’re frightened to leave our home, say residents

David Nesbit and dad Peter
David Nesbit and dad Peter

Drug users, urinating and dumping litter in a communal close - just some of the things making residents scared to leave their homes.

The security doors to a block of flats in Burns Court, Harestanes, have been left broken yet again - leaving the close open for anyone to get in.

David Nisbet and his parents are calling for the council to take action.

The local authority has been working to regenerate the homes in the area.

David said: “All three doors remain unlocked and yet again we have awoken to find beer bottles and urine stains in the bottom of the close, as well as bin bags piled high outside another door on our landing.

“In the past we have found needles and drugs lying in the close and around the flats. Recently there have been several attempted break-ins to the flats.

“Why is nothing being done here, and why are we being left to wade through human and animal waste to get into our homes?

“We are scared to go in and out of the close at night because we don’t know who’s going to be shooting up or doing whatever in it.”

Grace Irvine, director of neighbourhood services, said: “The final procurement process to modernise the Burns Court building is due to conclude by January 2014 with work again commencing on site around February 2014.

“New high security doors will then be installed around May/June 2014.

“There will be fewer door entries when the project completes. Until these doors are installed, the council will attempt to repair the current security doors, which are regarded as common repairs, with owners also being responsible for their maintenance.”

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