We’re still being driven round the bend, say motorists

road sign
road sign

SIGNS and road markings between Kirkintilloch Link Road and the new Moodiesburn bypass are still causing confusion.

Temporary arrangements have been put in place for drivers heading for Glasgow, Stirling and Stepps from Kirkintilloch and Lenzie.

But there are ongoing problems and changes taking place regularly.

The Herald has highlighted numerous concerns over signage between the link road and M80.

A sign near the end of the link road, heading away from Kirkintilloch, advertised routes for Stirling or Stepps . . . with nothing for Glasgow.

There were reports of drivers reversing back up slip roads, driving into roadworks and winding up in Cumbernauld.

That sign has now been sorted, with Glasgow tagged on at the top, but in the meantime a massive sign was unveiled for a roundabout which has not been finished – adding to the chaos.

Workers have now covered that sign with a black plastic sheet.

Lenzie resident Gordon Douglas has hit out at the diversion via the Stepps roundabout for traffic heading to Glasgow.

He said: “It is bad enough that the diverted route takes you over what can best be described as a road resembling an obstacle course, with broken kerb lines and narrow lanes.

“You are diverted via the Stepps roundabout, where the settings for the traffic lights still give priority to southbound vehicles coming off the A80, even though the majority of cars that previously used this route now travel along the newly-opened stretch of motorway.

“We have to contend with a give-way arrangement when trying to join the M80, which causes large volumes of cars – particularly during rush hour – backing up from the give-way entrance back to the roundabout at Stepps.”

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “The works at the new Hornshill Junction continue to progress and this will permit or require amendment to the traffic layout to facilitate both the traffic flow and the ongoing works at this junction.

“In this regard, a change is to be implemented to the Glasgow bound on slip road, with the current ‘Give Way’ being amended to a merging lane, and this is planned for week commencing March 14.

“The new roundabout forming part of the Hornshill Junction is currently anticipated to be opened in August 2011, however, works to achieve this are weather dependent. Until the opening of this roundabout traffic travelling to Glasgow will continue to travel via the existing Crowwood roundabout.

“By necessity driver information signs are erected in advance of a new road layout opening and such signs are covered until they come into use. All signage, including that temporarily covered, on the scheme is monitored by the contractor traffic safety personnel during routine regular inspections and any problems found are addressed as early as possible.”