Weed out the eyesores and then people will feel a bit of pride in Kirkintilloch

Cllr Charles Kennedy angry about graffiti in Kirky town centre. 13.10.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
Cllr Charles Kennedy angry about graffiti in Kirky town centre. 13.10.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
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EYESORES like graffiti and weeds in an area of Kirkintilloch need to be sorted out.

That’s the view of one councillor who has hit out at eyesores which blight neighbourhoods such as Eastside.

Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor Charles Kennedy has collated a list of improvements which need to be made to Kirkintilloch’s Eastside area - from weeds and graffiti, to sunken drain covers and redundant signage.

And he wants the area used as an example of how small changes can make a big difference.

Councillor Kennedy said: “I would very much like this area to be treated as a pilot.

“The work I am asking to be done, if it’s carried out correctly, will bring about a considerable benefit to the area and the cost involved will be very small.

“In my opinion, you cannot engender civic pride - that’s something you are born with - but you certainly can engender a sense of pride and goodwill if graffiti, a plethora of signage, weeds and so forth are removed and I think this could be done very cheaply indeed and will, hopefully, be a spur to my next venture, which will be the Lennoxtown Main Street.”

He added: “I hope other colleagues will join me in their own areas and recognise that civic pride is more than simply clearing much-needed business signs from pavements and selling advertising space on roundabouts.”

Councillor Billy Hendry, convener of development and infrastructure, said: “Council officers have now been made aware of Councillor Kennedy’s request to pilot civic pride in the Eastside area of Kirkintilloch through carrying out tasks such as graffiti removal, weeding and sign replacement and would like to thank him for his suggestion.

“Roads and Neighbourhood Services are looking into his request to check feasibility in line with our overall streetscene work programme and they will be in contact with him to discuss the idea further.”