Weigh to go - losing eight stone changed Lynn’s life

At 19 stone, Lynn suffered health and mobility problems
At 19 stone, Lynn suffered health and mobility problems
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A Kirkintilloch woman is celebrating after losing an incredible eight stone.

Lynn Ross, who tipped the scales at 19st at her heaviest, said she was shocked into taking action after a holiday in Florida.

Losing eight stone has made Lynn healthier and happier

Losing eight stone has made Lynn healthier and happier

She said: “I knew then I had to turn my life around.”

A size 24, Lynn’s mobility was badly affected and she needed pain relief for arthritis in her knees just to get through the day.

She was also breathless and struggled to walk even short distances.

Lynn said: “Disaster struck in Florida in the summer of 2013.

“I couldn’t get on to a mini bus because the step was too high and I struggled to haul myself up.

“My brother bought a step stool and I was delighted. But the step broke under my weight. I was so embarrassed. For me, this was the final straw.”

As soon as she got home, Lynn joined her local Weight Watchers club.

She said: “My 50th birthday was looming and so was Christmas. My first goal was to lose one stone. My leader at the club, Allison Doig, made me feel really welcome. Her advice was to set small goals.

“I lost 21 lbs before Christmas. A year later, my weight loss was 5st and I had dropped another four dress sizes to a size 16. It was the best Christmas I had had in years!”

Lynn said before she lost weight she would make excuses not to go to social events and hated shopping for clothes.

She added: “I had no confidence. Last year was so different and I had a great time.

“I’ve now lost eight stone. I feel like a different person, more confident, so much healthier and happier and no need for pain relief now. I also walk for several miles as often as I can.”

She added: “I couldn’t have done this without the support and motivation of Allison and all at the Saturday morning class in Kirkintilloch.

“My family, friends, walking buddies and work colleagues have all been so supportive too.”