Well spotted! Hollywood heads for the Campsie Hills in remake

A pet charity is playing a leading role in a new movie . . . by creating the cast for a big bucks remake of the classic film 101 Dalmatians.

The unusual black and white spotted rabbits are seen as lucky and Hollywood executives have homed in on a rare colony from Lenzie.

Some of the star rabbits.

Some of the star rabbits.

Now the charity hopes to have 101 bunnies available in time for the remake.

Much of the movie will be filmed in the Campsies, and the new Pongo and Perdita in bunny form are likely to become global icons.

Director Avril Foull said: “We couldn’t believe it when we spotted the rare dotty rabbits up for adoption.

‘‘We’ve been wanting to make a remake for a long time, and we’ve been waiting for a new Hollywood blockbuster featuring bunnies since 
Watership Down.

‘‘Lenzie could be the key to the success of this movie. Nobody is quite sure why there are so many Dalmatian-like bunnies here, but one theory is that water from the Bothlyn Burn has just the right mix of naturally organic minerals – such as iron deposits – which produce the distinctive spots on the rabbit fur. ’’

A charity spokesperson said: ‘‘It will be nice to see a film with a happy ending for rabbits.

‘‘Watership Down and Fatal Attraction didn’t end well for the bunnies.’’

The working title for the movie, due for release on April 1, 2016, is Bun Hundred and Bun Dalmatians.

Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care is the only dedicated charity in this area looking after the welfare of rabbits.

Husband and wife David and Feona Bell started the group several years ago and are supported by a team of volunteers.

They have over 35 foster carers covering around seven local authority areas throughout central Scotland.

As well as the rabbit rescue service they also run a very active education and awareness programme, and an additional team of volunteers helps to manage fundraising and awareness events, attending local galas, community and agricultural shows, etc.

To find out more about the charity visit www.fairlybelovedrabbitcare.org

We hope you enjoyed our April Fool joke. While the story was made up in the Herald offices, the charity is very real - so if you can help them out please get in touch.