What clown caused this muddy mess, demand angry residents...

Woodhead Park churned up by circus'6/8/12'Photo Emma Mitchell
Woodhead Park churned up by circus'6/8/12'Photo Emma Mitchell

FAMILIES have been left reeling after a beloved park in Kirkintilloch was turned into a quagmire by a visiting circus.

Council chiefs say large tracks of grass areas in Woodhead Park, Kirkintilloch, will need to be re-levelled and re-seeded after being torn up by Zippos Circus.

A path in the park has also been damaged and the area has been left covered in rubbish and mud.

A concerned resident said: “The park has been devastated. This is a beautiful park, it’s the only place like it in Kirkintilloch.

“How long is it going to take for it to recover?”

Zippos Circus says it will pay to ensure the damage, which it claims was caused by the ‘exceptionally wet weather and flash flooding’, is rectified.

Representatives from the circus were due to meet with the council as the Herald went to press, to discuss returning the park to its previous condition.

Martin Burton, founder and proprietor of Zippos Circus, said: “We sincerely apologise for the temporary muddy condition of the park, which we will rectify as soon as possible.”

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