What is happening with Kirkintilloch Town Hall?

Kirkintilloch Town Hall 29.6.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes
Kirkintilloch Town Hall 29.6.11 Picture by Jamie Forbes

A REJUVENATED town hall could have a major part to play in the redevelopment of Kirkintilloch town centre.

That’s the view of determined campaigners battling to save the iconic building from destruction.

Kirkintilloch Town Hall Preservation Trust recently held a ‘clear the air’ meeting with council leader Rhondda Geekie and a senior council official.

A second condition report on the building has been carried out and, while the findings of the report have yet to be published, the condition of the building is giving cause for concern.

However, the consultation on the future of Kirkintilloch town centre has identified the town hall site as one of the key areas for development in any masterplan.

Trust member David Whitton said: “It could be the link that brings more economic activity into the town after the shops close for the evening, as well as providing a valuable community space that can be used for a multitude of activities during the day.

“We are pleased the council has agreed to work with us and we will continue to pursue every funding avenue open to us to raise the money necessary to restore Kirkintilloch Town Hall to its former glory.”

Trust members are anxious to try and save the town hall and see it refurbished, but are also realistic and have agreed to wait for the publication of the report.

In the meantime, the trust will continue to explore options for restoration funding.

Many trust members feel a refurbished town hall could fulfil the role of an arts and culture centre, previously proposed for land at Southbank Marina.

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