What’s happening with trashed travellers’ site?

Travelling Persons site, Primrose Way Lennoxtown'Photo Emma Mitchell'9/11/11
Travelling Persons site, Primrose Way Lennoxtown'Photo Emma Mitchell'9/11/11
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DISGUSTED residents want to know the future of a travelling persons’ site which closed after being trashed by vandals nearly three years ago.

The Lennoxtown facility, in Primrose Way, originally opened in 2002 at a cost of £800,000.

In March 2009 it was hit by vandals, with buildings demolished and CCTV cameras, which were meant to protect the site, stolen.

In April last year the council announced that the site would be reopened, with four pitches provided for travellers.

At that time Kenny Simpson, East Dunbartonshire Council’s head of housing and community services, said: “This rebuild will be undertaken during this financial year and it is anticipated that the site will become operational again in 2012.”

Now, with only a few weeks left of the current financial year, no work has been done to regenerate the facility - which remains a magnet for fly-tippers.

One angry resident said: “It’s ridiculous. The community didn’t want the travellers site in the first place, but the council went ahead anyway.

“Now it’s been a complete mess for nearly three years and yet the council has done nothing to sort out the problem. What a waste of money.”

There were rumours last year that Highland Spring were set to buy the site to build a new bottling plant.

However, the company has now announced plans to extend its current Lennoxtown complex making any move unlikely.

Last week Kenny Simpson told the Herald: “The council has taken temporary action to counter the vandalism and dumping at Primrose Way, Lennoxtown, by installing a barrier to the site.”

The council official added: “Moreover, we are currently working towards the reprovision of pitches here to help us maintain this authorised gypsy traveller site.”