What’s the hold up?

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ANGRY residents have been left baffled as to why scaffolding has been erected at their block of flats for more

than three weeks - but no work carried out.

Householders in the block of flats in Lennox Crescent, in Bishopbriggs, say they weren’t informed what work

was being done.

They are concerned that not only is it a waste of money, but is a safety hazard.

The four storey building is occupied by council tenants and home owners.

Mum-of-three Elizabeth Mellon, who lives in one of the flats, said: “They moved the scaffolding from the front

of the building to the back, but they still have not done anything.

“This must be costing a lot of money every day to have the scaffolding up. Our close is really disgusting

inside and the council said they don’t have the money to paint it or do anything else, so why has scaffolding

been there all this time?”

More than a week ago, East Dunbartonshire Council said the work was due to start within days.

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