Where to find Pokemon in Kirkintilloch

A Golbat outside the Auld Kirk Museum
A Golbat outside the Auld Kirk Museum

‘Pokemon Go’ is the game that has taken the world by storm - with millions downloading the free mobile phone app before scouring their neighbourhoods for the tiny imaginary monsters.

The aim is to ‘catch them all’, but where in Kirkintilloch can you go to find something a but different from the usual Pidgeys, Rattatas, Spearows and Drowzees?

Drowzees seem to be particularly common in the town centre - a couple of trips up the Cowgate could see you evolve a Hypno at double-quick speed.

Woodhead Park is a great spot to capture Caterpies and Weedles. While they don’t look that impressive, the Beedrills and Butterfrees they hatch into certainly are.

The area around Sainsburys also seems to be quite good hunting ground - we managed to find Magnemites, Krabbys and Eevees all within a few feet of the store.

Meanwhile, Regent Gardens is a good source of Bellsprouts and Oddishes, and the Forth and Clyde Canal is Poliwag central.

The best place in town though seems to be the Auld Kirk Museum and Peel Park, where we caught Pidgeots, Golbats and Magikarp, as well as lots of the more common types of Pokemon.

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