Whisky blown up after myserious ticking heard at Stepps distillery – take a trip back in time with the Herald

Glenmanor Primary School Football team. (early 1970s)
Glenmanor Primary School Football team. (early 1970s)

TIME to go Down Memory Lane again – delving through the archives of the Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs Herald...

50 YEARS AGO - December 26, 1962

SUGGESTIONS that a five-storey block of flats would “make an interesting skyline feature” for Kirkintilloch residents were shot down in flames by councillors.

Burgh surveyor Ronald Dalkin brought up the idea of building a “skyscraper” at a meeting of the Kirkintilloch Housing Committee.

But elected members voted for a block of maisonettes to be built in the Hillhead area of the town instead.

Councillor McCarter said: “Do people like living high up? It is my experience that most people prefer living in a semi-detached house or a flat at a lower level.”

Provost Gillies added: “I’m dead against it. We must consider the people who would be asked to live in the top flat.”

JIMMY Nairn, from Kirkintilloch, was set to be host of STV’s Hogmanay party, which promised “a big line-up of stars telecast from Glasgow”.

40 YEARS AGO - December 27, 1972

A MYSTERY ticking in a giant vat at the Black and White Distillery in Stepps led to the accidental blowing up of 100 gallons of whisky.

Staff at the depot became alarmed at the sound and, fearing the worst, called in a bomb disposal squad from Edinburgh.

The army experts tried to empty the cask but found that the bung was stuck fast.

A small plastic explosive charge was placed but, rather than opening the container as planned, it blew up the whole vat - whisky and all.

The Herald reported: “Soldiers and workers looked on solemnly as the whisky flooded down the drain.”

An army spokesperson said: “There was no bomb inside. We have no idea what caused the staff to hear the ticking noise.”

WORK on a new £57,000 improvement scheme for Gartferry Road, in Moodiesburn, was set to begin in weeks.

30 YEARS AGO - December 29, 1982

COMMUNITY councillors defended the absence of a Christmas tree at Kirkintilloch’s Regent Centre for the second time in three years.

Council chairman Peter Hamilton explained that the price quoted by the District Council for providing the tree and lights was £850, and that the information wasn’t provided until October when the community council’s membership was changing over.

Ian Young, convener of the community council’s planning committee, said: “We could certainly take on the work of providing the tree ourselves but the information came too late to let us start thinking about that.”

He added: “There had been no general demand for a tree to be provided this year. This is a lesson we have learned and in the future we must move earlier.”

FISHING fanatic David Hendry (15) won an angling competition on Hogganfield Loch, in Stepps, after landing five perch totalling one-and-a-half pounds in weight.

20 YEARS AGO - December 30, 1992

TWO bungling bank robbers, one armed with a gun, were forced to abandon their hold-up after staff IGNORED them.

The botched raid unfolded at the Lenzie branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland, in Gleneden Court.

The thieves were stunned when a quick-witted bank teller walked away from his post - so there was nobody to demand cash from.

The police praised the actions of the member of staff.

A spokesperson said: “The quick thinking of the teller on duty is to be praised - he foiled the robbery.”

A WOMAN from Twechar was set for a very merry Christmas after winning £250,000 jackpot in the Littlewoods Pools.

A family friend said: “They are absolutely delighted. It’s a huge amount and I don’t think they can actually believe it yet.”

10 YEARS AGO - January 1, 2003

THERE was fury over plans which could require leisure centre receptionists to double-up as lifeguards.

The “restructuring of jobs descriptions” was being carried out by East Dunbartonshire Council and was at an early stage of consultation - but both employees and councillors demanded that the plans be abandoned immediately.

One receptionist said: “What is being put forward is completely unworkable. There are around 12 of us here with an average age in the mid-40s.

“The thought of us working at the poolside is ludicrous - some of us can’t even swim.”

Bishopbriggs councillor Alan Brown pledged to raise the issue at the next meeting of the full council.

CHARITY queen Betty Smart collected a massive £1,400 for pensioners’ causes at her annual festive fundraiser at Kirkintilloch’s East 14.

Did you know?

Animals found in the Campsie Hills include adder snakes, roe deer, buzzards, kestrels and peregrine falcons.

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