Who will take reponsibility for £30m Kirkintilloch link road?

A MAJOR new road is not being maintained or cleared of litter as a row goes on over who is responsible for it, claims a concerned local.

The Kirkintilloch Link Road, now known as Initiative Road, was opened in December 2010 after years of delays and spiralling costs.

But the 4km road, which was project-managed by the now-defunct Kirkintilloch’s Initiative (KI), has not yet been adopted by East Dunbartonshire.

Council chiefs say this means they have no responsibility for the maintenance of the road, instead insisting the consortium of developers at the nearby Woodilee Housing Development need to carry out any maintenance work required.

Herald reader Paul Anderson, who lives near the road, said: “It’s a ridiculous situation. Nobody clears litter off the road or tidies up the verges.

“It’s the first thing many people see when they come into Kirkintilloch and it’s a complete mess.

Derek Cunningham, the council’s director of development and infrastructure, suggested the council were powerless to act over the road - hailed as a centrepiece of the KI regeneration project, which has now been absorbed by the council.

He told the Herald: “We are fully aware of these matters on Initiative Road and have already raised our own concerns with the consortium of house builders.”

But council leader Rhondda Geekie said that the council WOULD act further.

She explained: “Where issues of litter and maintenance have been highlighted previously, we have taken up these matters with the developers and required them to carry out early litter picking and maintenance works to bring the road up to an acceptable condition.

“Council officers will write formally to the developers to remind them of their obligations to maintain the condition of the road, roundabout and verges and the matter will also be placed on the next meeting of the Kirkintilloch Link Road management group to ensure the developers are clear that the council expects the road, which is a key route into Kirkintilloch, to be well maintained at all times for local residents and businesses.”

But Doug Riddell, Woodilee Consortium’s project director, told the Herald that the developers were NOT solely responsible for the road.

He explained: “The responsibility for the maintenance of Initiative Road until adoption rests entirely with the Kirkintilloch Link Road Management Board (KLRMB) not with the Woodilee Housing Consortium.

“However, as a member of the KLRMB I can confirm that the litter has been collected on a number of occasions and the grass verges have been cut within the last two weeks. The roundabouts were sprayed for weeds during early summer and another treatment will be carried out over the next few days.”

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