Why haven’t we bin included, demand residents

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AN UPMARKET new housing development has been snubbed by recyclers, claim baffled residents.

Householders in the new Woodilee Village development, near Lenzie, have not been issued with council recycling bins since moving into their new homes.

They have been told that the council will only start picking up recycling items from their houses when the streets are officially adopted from Cala Homes - a process which could take several years.

One resident said: “I was told it’s because they can’t get access with the recycle trucks.

“It’s funny that the normal bin lorry manages to get in every Tuesday to empty the bins with no issues.”

David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “Problems have been experienced at the new Woodilee Village development where, due to the length of our recycle vehicles, we have experienced difficulty in gaining access whilst roads in the estate are being constructed.”

He added: “The council is in contact with the builders and we will carry out our weekly kerbside collection in Woodilee Village as soon as the necessary works allow.”

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