Will flats be home to former drug addicts?

A NEW housing development in an upmarket part of East Dunbartonshire could be used to house “ex-offenders and drug addicts”.

That’s the fear of some families in Lenzie, who have petitioned heavily against plans to build 15 flats in the Oak Drive area.

Oak Drive resident Ian Stevenson told the Herald: “We don’t want offenders and drug addicts here.

“We’ve been told that the development is going to be for people who are disabled or who are perhaps downsizing property.

“If we can confirm that’s the case then that would be okay.”

When contacted by the Herald about the the social housing complex, a spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire Council said: “All properties will be allocated from the council’s housing list. At present there are approximately 5,000 applicants on the list.”

Mr Stevenson says this news may spark fresh concerns amongst people in the area.

He said: “This issue has to be clarified, we’re due a bit of honesty from the council here. There are three schools in the area and a lot of older residents in Oak Drive.

“There are some very worried folk here, one or two have put houses up for sale in Oak Drive.”

He added: “There was a massive petition against the flats being built there, it’s an area where kids play. We were told it wasn’t for ex-offenders and people who were on drugs.”

The Oak Drive development consists of 12 two-bedroom flats and three one-bedroom flats. The completion of the project is scheduled for January, 2012.