Women urged to have screening for cervical cancer

Women in East Dunbartonshire are among the highest attendees to go for screening for cervical cancer in the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde area.

Almost 83 per cent of women across the district were screened for cervical cancer last year.

However, health chiefs say that not enough women are taking up the offer of screening across the health board area, with figures showing that only 75.1 per cent of those invited have taken the test.

In some areas of Glasgow this drops as low as 65.7 per cent. In Glasgow North East 71.7 per cent of women attended their screening appointment.

Emilia Crighton, consultant in public health medicine, said: “While the women of East Dunbartonshire should be congratulated for the third year in a row exceeding the national target for screening which is 80 per cent, it is still worrying that 17 per cent of women are not taking advantage of this service which may just save their life.

“While the majority of women who are invited for a ‘smear test’ attend, it is extremely worrying that in some areas approximately one in three women are not having their regular cervical screening.”

Cervical cancer is a preventable disease and regular screening prevents eight out of 10 cancers developing. All women in Scotland aged 20 to 60 are offered tests every three years and screening saves around 5000 lives each year.

Emilia added: “Regular cervical screening is the best way for women to protect themselves against cervical cancer.

“The test takes less than five minutes but could save your life so we urge all women to take up the offer of screening.”