Work on new homes is a nightmare, say sleepless residents

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LOCALS are being given a rude awakening by noisy builders working on new homes, it has been claimed.

Families living in the Kings Meadow Estate, in Bishopbriggs, say they’ve been unable to get a decent night’s sleep since Taylor Wimpey Homes started work on the neighbouring Bishops Meadows Estate a month ago.

One resident said: “The work starts every morning at 8am, but the workers start arriving noisily - banging their work boots to get the mud off, shouting and talking to one another across the site - from 6.30am. On Saturday, November 5, the work began on the site at 7.20am, which is completely unacceptable for a Saturday morning.

“There are no parking facilities for them so they are parking on the roads and pavements at the entrance to the estate. Often the pavements are completely blocked on both sides, making safe pedestrian access impossible.”

There have also been claims that lorries are using roads in the Kings Meadows Estate as a convenient shortcut to the building site - despite signs and planning conditions clearly stating construction traffic is banned.The householder said:

“The site has only been functioning for a month or so and we have been told will continue for approximately three years. There is no way the residents can possibly put up with this carry on for three years.”

A spokesperson for Taylor Wimpey acknowledged the issues and told the Herald the company was intent on being “a considerate neighbour during every stage of the construction programme”.

A temporary car park will now be provided for workers by the end of this week, with the main site car par set to be completed at the start of December.

The spokesperson added: “In accordance with the general company health and safety guidelines, Taylor Wimpey’s site management team are on-site from 7.30am to carry out essential safety checks before opening the site for business at 8am.

“All contractors, suppliers and third parties have been contacted to reinforce the local Traffic Management Plan for this development to ensure no deliveries or significant activity takes place before 8am. Further directional signage will also be erected to assist delivery drivers to use the correct route.

“In addition every member of the team has been reminded to be aware they are working within a residential area and to be as considerate as possible as they carry out their work on the development.”

The spokesperson added: “Taylor Wimpey is confident these measures should reassure local residents, and to ensure they can get in touch with the development to raise any issues they have new signage displaying the site mobile contact number will also be erected.”