‘Yes’ groups join together at event

Yes Day
Yes Day

Organisers hailed “a great turnout” at Kirkintilloch’s Park Centre on Saturday, May 31, for a pro-independence ‘Yes Day’ event.

It was officially opened by Blair Jenkins, chief executive of Yes Scotland, and attended by Fiona McLeod MSP, as well as local councillors John Jamieson, Claire Renwick and David Ritchie.

A spokesperson said: “Mr Jenkins used his opening remarks to highlight the differences between the pro-independence Yes campaign and the No campaign.

“He described how the Yes campaign was a true grass-roots organisation with local ‘Yes’ groups the length and breadth of Scotland.

“They are winning support for independence, he said, ‘by having more shoe leather on the ground’, enabling them to speak directly with people and put forward the positive case for Scottish independence.”

Also at the event were representatives of the many groups supporting a ‘Yes’ vote, including Business for Scotland, Generation Yes, Women for Independence, and Trade Unionists for Yes. They spent the day chatting with local people about their reasons for supporting for independence.

‘Yes Kirkintilloch, Lenzie and the Villages’ will be organising further events across the summer where they will put forward the positive case for independence. All will be welcome, whether they have decided how to vote or are still undecided and need more information before the referendum in September.