You don’t have to save £3.7m ... it’s “only” £1.5m

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IT was a case of good news and bad news for cash-strapped East Dunbartonshire Council this week.

It was orginally thought the council would have to make around £3.7million of cutbacks in 2011/12 – on top of £6.3million agreed at a special meeting in December.

But the budget gap is now just over £1.5million.

All political parties have discussed possible options and considered what approach they will take to determine the savings at Thursday’s budget meeting.

The council is set to axe around 160 jobs in a bid to make savings.

More than 150 different cuts will be made across departments, including education and social work.

The biggest cuts include a revised waste collection service, which will save £300,000 rising to £600,000 in the following two years. The council claims this will help to reduce landfill tax.

It’s understood food and garden waste could be collected together and a single bin, rather than the current boxes, will be introduced for materials that can be recycled, such as paper and plastic.

Crucially, how often bins will be emptied has still to be decided.

The authority also plans to slice budgets for schools by one per cent, saving £660,000.

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