You’ve got a ticket to stride in East Dunbartonshire – but where are the best walks

Clachan of Campsie is a stunning stroll
Clachan of Campsie is a stunning stroll
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WONDER strolls, marvellous meanders and popular paths are all being sought in East Dunbartonshire.

Where are you favourite walks locally? Let the Herald know your favourites and we will print the best.

National charity Living Streets is urging everyone to give walking a go this May.

National Walking Month is a month dedicated to highlighting the benefits of walking, and includes Walk to Work Week (May 13-17) and Walk to School Week (May 20-24).

Walking for just half an hour each morning can transform your fitness levels, reduce stress and vastly improve your concentration levels, giving you a clearer head and adding to better health.

Worryingly, not everyone is enjoying the benefits of walking.

The National Travel Survey results published in December 2012 showed a 24 per cent decline in the number of walking trips per person since the mid-90s.

In March 2013, a YouGov poll commissioned by Living Streets showed that 40 per cent of gym users drive two miles or less to use their gym, often forgetting the world’s greatest treadmill . . . their feet.

Similarly, over the past two decades, the number of children walking to school has fallen sharply.

In 2011, 49 per cent of primary school aged children and 38 per cent of secondary school aged children walked to school, down from 62 per cent of primary and 48 per cent of secondary school aged children in 1991.

As part of National Walking Month people are urged to log walks, raise funds for charity and achieve a ‘walking feat’.

To achieve the ‘Clearer Head’ feat, the charity is asking people to download its blank speech bubble, write down the best idea they had while out walking and share a photo of themselves with their thought on the Living Streets website.


Tony Armstrong, chief executive of Living Streets, said: “This May, we want to get the whole of the UK using their ticket to stride. As part of National Walking Month we’ll be asking everyone, including employees and school children, to give walking a go for at least a week. There are loads of different ways to make walking part of your day, be it getting off the tube a couple of stops earlier, going for a lunchtime walk, or walking the children to school instead of driving.

“Walking is a free and easy way to work more exercise into your daily routine, and logging your walks and feats on is a great way to get started and to really get into the spirit of the month, hopefully forming a walking habit that will become part of your life long after May.”

Registration for National Walking Month is still open on Why not sign up and see where walking can take you this May?

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