Young mum’s shock as baby turns blue in pool

Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre
Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre

A young mum has told how she was given the fright of her life when her baby girl turned blue during her first swim in a local pool.

The mum claims the temperature of the baby pool at Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre was “dangerously low”.

She was left shocked when she noticed her seven-month-old baby starting to turn blue.

The mum explained: “She was in the pool for less than 10 minutes when she turned blue.

“I noticed her lips first. The her whole body turned blue and she went quiet.

“I had to rush her out. The pool temperature was dangerously low.

“It wasn’t as if she was in a skimpy swimming costume, it was an all in one which covered her from neck to ankles.

“She was very quiet for a while afterwards and was shivering until I eventually managed to get a heat in her. I held her under the shower for a while.”

The worried mum said she later tried to contact the council to tell them what had happened, but claims she was re-directed from one person to another and eventually gave up.

She added: “I will not be putting my baby at risk again by taking her to that pool.

“I have also warned other parents not to take young children there as I got such a fright that day.

“It put me off taking my daughter to the pool again. I was wanting to get her into swimming. I don’t drive so I’ll struggle to go anywhere else.”

Mark Grant, general manager of East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Cultural Trust, said: “We are sorry to hear about the experiences of this mum and daughter.

“The centre has experienced technical difficulties with its boilers recently which has sometimes affected pool temperatures.

“Staff have been working with contractors to resolve these issues.

“Pool users have been advised when temperatures have been lower, but still within industry safety standards.

“Pool temperatures are now being maintained at between 31.4 and 32.5 degrees in the learner pool and the boiler issue is being rectified.”

He added: “Our pool facilities are a vital resource for health and wellbeing in East Dunbartonshire and we hope they continue to be well used by families and swimmers of all ages.”

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