Your chance to have your independence referendum questions answered

The 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum Voting Guide.
The 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum Voting Guide.

It’s only a few week until Scotland goes to the polls to vote on whether to become an independent country.

The decision on September 18 is one of the most important in Scotland’s history and we want to help you get all the information you need before casting your crucial ballot.

So we want you to send any questions you have about the debate to us and we’ll put them to both Yes Scotland and Better Together to answer.

Each will be give an equal amount of space to put forward their opinions and arguments.

If you would like to get involved, just email your question to us at, write to us at Kirkintilloch Herald Series, 11 Dalrymple Court, Kirkintilloch, G66 3AA or visit us on Facebook.

The first set of questions and answers will be published in next week’s paper (Wednesday, August 27).