Zero tolerance on butts – crackdown nets 17 and it’s only just started

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AN EYE-watering 17 smokers have been forced to cough up £50 after being nabbed throwing away their butts.

The on-the-spot fines were issued in the first four days of the crackdown.

The scheme was launched last Monday, March 12, and by Thursday evening Kirkintilloch town centre easily topped the league of shame - with 13 people caught.

Another couple of people were collared in Bishopbriggs town centre, with two further violations spotted elsewhere in East Dunbartonshire.

One of those caught red-handed near Tesco, in Kirkintilloch, accepted his £50 fine with good grace, but suggested council officers look closer to home when organising future patrols.

He told the Herald: “It’s my own fault and I understand what they’re trying to do. Hopefully I’ll have learnt my lesson now and won’t do it again - I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even realise I was doing it.

“What I would say is that the highest concentration of discarded cigarette butts in the area seems to be around council offices, so they should maybe think about targeting their own employees as well.”

David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, said last week: “At the weekend, officers will be back out on the streets on patrol during the day and in the evening, and will be carrying out joint patrols with the police.

“Cigarette litter is unsightly and affects the cleanliness of our streets, therefore this campaign is not just about issuing fines, but is also about ensuring our town centres are kept clean.

“We would urge residents to dispose of their cigarette litter responsibly - or face being issued with a fine.

“In addition, the council operates a strict no smoking policy in its buildings and within the curtilage of its buildings. We would request that members of the public do not drop their cigarette litter in these areas or anywhere else. While patrols have been focusing on town centres, officers also patrol outside libraries and public buildings such as Tom Johnston House and put in place measures to address litter and cigarette end problems as required.”

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