Chop class – local martial artists enjoy success

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XS Taekwondo had unprecedented success at the recent GTUK Black Belt Grading held in Ryton on Dunsmore, Coventry.

Eleven junior students successfully achieved their 1st Degree Black Belt. Three more juniors impressively increased their Black Belt grades with three adults also increasing their Black Belt grades.


Jennifer Anderson – 1st Degree

Eilidh Baxter – 1st Degree

Rennie Baxter – 1st Degree

Rhonan Brown – 1st Degree

Samantha Dailly – 1st Degree

Calum Esler – 1st Degree

Jack Forrest – 1st Degree

Abigail Ronnie – 1st Degree

Fraser Smith – 1st Degree

Jack Smith – 1st Degree

Jamie Thewlis – 1st Degree

Karis Bhattacharyya – 1st Degree Star 1

Paul Clark – 2nd Degree

Blair Fraser – 2nd Degree


Paul Kelly – 1st Degree

David McTurk – 1 1/2 Degree

Jamie Philip – 1 1/2 Degree

Marie McAneny (4th Degree) said: “This is the most amount of students I have taken to a Black Belt grading in 15 years attending and I am very proud of everyone’s efforts.”

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