Fishermen persevere despite poor weather

File photo - anglers in the rain
File photo - anglers in the rain

Woodburn Fishery, Milton of Campsie, report

(Milton of Campsie)

Well done the Kilsyth Fish Protection AC who had an outing last Saturday in absolutely appalling weather conditions.

They persevered and as the weather got better with the wind changing from east to west the fishing got a lot easier resulting in some decent results with Rodney Fitzpatrick having the top catch with 5 fish weighing in at 17lbs 8oz.

For the most part of the week dries were still doing the business but the Hot Head Damsel and the Hawthorn Fly are also doing well.

Amongst those doing well was Pat Harte from Bishopbriggs with 5 for 13lbs 8oz, eight year old Aiden Orr, Bishopbriggs, took 4 for 13lbs, G Campbell, Kirkintilloch, 3 for 7lbs, J Steel, Dumbarton, 1 at 4lbs, Tom Johnstone, Milngavie, 4 rainbows and 1 brown trout on catch and release and Andrew Wallace from Dumfries caught 8 for 22lbs 9oz on two visits. Jim Forsyth from Kilsyth had 1 for 3lbs, K Haughton, Stirling, 2rainbows and a blue for 10lbs 8oz, Ross Stuart, Falkirk, 2 weighing 7lbs on C+R, Colin Douglas, Glasgow, 2 blues with the biggest tipping the scales at 7lbs 8oz and Sid Ahmed from Glasgow bagged one at 2lbs 8oz. Rodney Fitzpatrick from Kilsyth took 4 rainbows and 1 blue for 17lbs 8oz, J .Pender, 3 for 9lbs 8oz – best 4lbs 4oz, Jock Irvine, Kilsyth, 2 for 7lbs 1oz, Matt Angus, Kilsyth, 2 for 7lbs and J. Wilson from Kilsyth had 1 for 4lbs. G. Paterson from Kilsyth caught 1 at 4lbs 5oz, Rab McIntyre, Cumbernauld, 1 at 2lbs, Steven Meechan, Kirkintilloch, 1 for 4lbs 8oz, W Conway, Lennoxtown, had 4 on C+R and John Shaw from Kilsyth netted 8 on C+R with the best being a
whopping 7lbs.