Black Watch left cooling their heels

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CAMPSIE Black Watch’s Scottish Cup second round tie against Star A – much to Blackies’ disappointment – did not take place last Saturday.

The Edinburgh side decided late on Saturday morning to withdraw from the competition – giving Watch the tie.

Once again the Station Road pitch was unplayable . . . just a sample of what Watch has to look forward to in the next four or five months.

Huntershill pitches, where Blackies would have played their tie, were in good condition, despite the continuous rain on the morning of the match.

Blackies now play another Edinburgh side Hutchison Vale in the third round – due to take place at Station Road on October, 29.

Watch play St Peter’s in the first round of the League Cup at Giffnock on Saturday with a 2pm kick-off.

The Tote numbers for Saturday were 16 and 45. There was one winner who receives £300.