Lack of support for under-21s, claims manager

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PETERSHILL under-21s football team claim they’ve been “forced out of the club due to a lack of support”.

Manager Frank Brady has instead taken the under-21 team to nearby junior side St Roch’s, where they’ll now become the youth feeder team for the Provanmill Park club.

Frank told the Herald: “We’ve been the youth system at Petershill for the past four years, but because of a complete lack of interest the players have all moved on to other teams.

“I’ve taken them from under-16s to under-21s and this season we finished second in the league and reached a cup final.

“But there was never any interest, it just seemed as if we weren’t even being noticed.”

Frank added: “St Roch’s have welcomed us with open arms – we really feel we are part of the club.”

But Petershill say that rather than a lack of support for Frank’s under-21 Peasie side, the youth players were simply not ready to step up to the demands of premier league junior football.

Petershill club secretary Derek Crozier said: “It’s always been Frank’s team and up to him what to do with it. There were 21s players with potential, but they just weren’t ready.

“Their players did take part in some training sessions and our manager kept an eye on them, but if they weren’t ready then they weren’t ready.

“We told Frank the decision to go to St Roch’s was up to Frank.”