Lenzie boys finish in Pole position at Wroclaw Cup

Lenzie savour their success in Poland
Lenzie savour their success in Poland

Lenzie’s 2002 team are 
still celebrating after 
getting their hands on the Wroclaw Challenge Cup 
in Poland.

The Lenzie side got off to a bad start and when they arrived at Manchester for their flight out, the terminal was closed due to a bomb scare.

But after their initial delay the side boarded their flight to Poland.

The festival started with a section competition, Lenzie’s first game was against 
Swedish opposition, Ursviks.

Lenzie were 2-0 down at half-time and when the second half started they lost captain Ben Street with a suspected fracture.

As it was no on/off subs, Lenzie had to play the full second half with 10 men but kept the score at 2-0.

In their second game against Czech opposition TJ Dioss, Lenzie won 4-0 but the first two games had taken a lot out of the boys with high temperatures and frequent thunderstorms.

The efforts in their first two games affected the players in their third match of the day against Polish side 
Muks Wisla, who won 3-0.

However with 24 teams taking part Lenzie still 
qualified for the play-off for the 
Challenge Cup.

Next up for the Scots was FK Vizoni from Kosovo and Lenzie won 5-1.

A 1-0 victory over German side SV Einhelf earned 
Lenzie a place in the Final against Polish side AP BJzeg.

It was a tight game with both teams tiring but in the second half Lenzie managed to score to earn a 1-0 victory to the delight of the travelling support.

The festival with around 200 teams was well organised and the people were friendly.

Lenzie were staying in 
student apartments with the other visiting teams, who came from 17 different countries, including America.

The young Scots picked up further accolades, in the six games they played they were awarded the Man of the Match award in four. Ewan Stevenson picked up the prize in three games with Lewis Gargano collecting the award in the Final.

The Lenzie side also 
nominated goalkeeper Jay Abraham as their player of the tournament.