Lenzie meets Baghdad – pupils swap jerseys and stories of home

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YOUNGSTERS from a Lenzie football team made unexpected friends during the world’s largest football festival – forging links with a team from Iraq.

More than 30,000 youngsters from 83 countries converged in Gothenburg for the event during the summer and with the teams living in schools there was ample opportunity for all the teams to mix and create friendships.

Lenzie 1997s were no exception and linked up with other teams either during games or in the free time.

They found that Baghdad Youth Club shared their view on how football should be played and linked up with the boys from Iraq both on and off the field.

The competition allows for three players who can be one year over the age group. Lenzie took advantage of that to bring the captain of their 1996 age group Kyle Richford with them to help the remainder of the boys who were all from the 1997 age group.

Pictured here is Kyle with the Baghdad boys, exchanging tops.

Lenzie Taxis had sponsored the ‘Scotland’ tops for the team and it was agreed that they could be exchanged, so the taxi firm may now get longer distance fares than they are used to!

The Iraq team loved the Scotland strip and have vowed from now on to be Scotland supporters. The Lenzie team have now linked on Facebook and hope in the future to arrange to play them again.

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