Lowland League needs total revamp, not Rangers and Celtic Colts: Kirkintilloch Rob Roy boss Stewart Maxwell

Kirkintilloch Rob Roy boss Stewart Maxwell has called for a revamp of the lower league pyramid in light of the Old Firm Colts row.

Sunday, 16th May 2021, 4:28 pm
Updated Monday, 17th May 2021, 9:18 am
The admission of Rangers Colts and their Celtic counterparts into the Lowland League has not pleased Rob Roy boss Stewart Maxwell

Lowland League clubs have come under fire for agreeing to admit Rangers and Celtic Colts sides for one season, in return for fees of £25,000 each.

And although the move doesn’t directly affect Kirkintilloch Rob Roy, who play in the tier below the Lowland League. at the moment, the Rabs boss says there are repercussions for a host of other clubs.

And he says only way to bring about a fairer system is to take the opportunity to revamp the Lowland League entirely.

He said: "If Rangers and Celtic Colts are coming in they should start at the divisions below and work their way up.

"Right now we're obviously a bit behind in infrastructure but there are a few clubs in the West league geared up to be part of it and I feel disappointed for them.

"We will be there at some point but I feel for the clubs who have really made an effort this year.

"I could easily say my club's not ready so I'm not interested. But I am interested because I know there's a lot of good people at these clubs who have put money in.

"It all goes back to junior football letting all these clubs down when the Lowland League amalgamated. We should all have been amalgamated together and that's the problem . . . now all these West teams are left lagging because of that.

"You look at clubs like Darvel, Clydebank, Irvine Meadow, Auchinleck. They've all put money into the infrastructure geared to go up. These teams deserve an opportunity and they might not get it for years.

"There are big teams in the East that haven't been promoted yet and are ready to go, the likes of Linlithgow Rose and other teams.

"The rules are rules and they're breaking the rules in my opinion. What happens if Rangers and Celtic deem it a success and they want to stay in for another year?

"I don't agree with it. It's just the dominance of the Old Firm; they click their fingers and they get what they want.

"I think they should revamp the whole thing into two regions and then let teams battle it out for the right to go into the Lowland League the following year.”