Rossvale end decade in highest ever league place

Rossvale manager David Gormley (right) and assistant Sean Higgins (pic HT Photography/@dibsy_)
Rossvale manager David Gormley (right) and assistant Sean Higgins (pic HT Photography/@dibsy_)

Rossvale rounded off a remarkable decade with a win which sees the go into 2020 sitting in fifth place in the Premiership table.

It was a decade which the Bishopbriggs club began predominantly running youth teams.

But in early 2010 the decision was taken to set up a junior team. Membership of the Scottish Junior FA was granted for the start of the 2011-2012 season - and the rest, as they say, is history.

Vale have worked their way up through the Central District and then the West Region set-up, winning the Central Second Division title in 2015 and the First Division championship in 2018.

The following season a third-place in the Championship meant a second successive promotion and a place in the top flight. And this season - despite the departure of manager Gordon Moffat early in the campaign - the rise has continued.

Under the new managerial team of David Gormley and Sean Higgins they have taken 25 points out of 30 and their latest win, 4-2 over Rutherglen Glerncairn on Saturday, moved them up to fifth with only Kilwinning Rangers, Pollok, Irvine Meadow and Glenafton above them.

Club chairman Dom McInally admitted: “We are all having to take several looks to see if the table is upside down the rise and success over the last four or five years has taken everyone by surprise, if not shock.

“It was always a very large pipedream to be on the same pitch at some point as the Polloks, Rob Roys and Talbots of this world. And this was cup ties and not every season.

“To now find ourselves in the Premiership division and that our small, inexperienced squad can actually compete and defeat the best in junior football is mindblowing to say the least.

“We have taken every season as a plus as we know how hard it is to survive in semi pro football and never live outwith our means, which is so important.

“The committee we have now and previous are a testament to this and the way we conduct ourselves both on and off the pitch is paramount in everything that we do and achieve.

“With two great coaches in David and Sean and a young vibrant group of players who we believe will get even better with the experience of playing top level football, the future of the club is in great hands.”