Rossvale want to return but there no plans to upgrade Huntershill

Rossvale say they want to return to Bishopbriggs in the future despite quitting Huntershill to play their home games in Govan.

Sunday, 4th August 2019, 5:55 pm
Rossvale say that facilities at Huntershill are not up to the standards required for the Premiership (archive pic: HT Photography/@dibsy_)

After just eight years in the junior ranks Rossvale have reached the elite top flight and play their first ever home Premiership fixture against Pollok on Wednesday night.

However the match will take place south of the river after Vale switched to share Benburb’s New Tinto Park for home games because they felt the new Huntershill facility could not accommodate top flight football.

Club chairman Dom McInally says the club hope the move will be temporary.

But East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Cultural Trust - who operate Huntershill on behalf of East Dunbartonshire Council - say there are no plans to upgrade the venue.

Mr McInally said: “The club as a whole will always be a Bishopbriggs club and this includes the juniors.

“We would love to come back and play within the east Dumbartonshire area but we have had no encouragement from the council or trust to ensure Huntershill is fit to hold Premiership fixtures.

“Both the Trust and the council were willing to put some steps into the standing area. But SJFA felt that until any work was carried out it would be better for ourselves and the league if we ground shared.

“It’s not an ideal situation and not one we took lightly but we felt had to be taken for this season.

“We will continue to have conversations with the trust and council regarding any future structural changes within Huntershill.

“Our rise to the top flight is nothing but outstanding and we were really hoping that the local community would get involved more but unfortunately this has not been the case.”

However EDLC general manager Mark Grant admitted there were no plans in place to upgrade Huntershill which only opened two years ago.

He said: “East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust and the Council work to support a range of sporting clubs and organisations in our local communities, including Rossvale FC.

“We have met with the club on several occasions and have a good working relationship with them.

“Huntershill Sports Hub is a multi-sports facility aimed at sharing expertise and resources among different sporting organisations, including Rossvale.

“We explored a number of options regarding creating a spectator viewing area but these were not wholly suitable for the club and that is why they decided to move on, although they continue to train at Huntershill.

“The Sports Hub only opened in 2017 and offers state-of-the-art facilities for a range of local sports and activities.

“We would be happy to have Rossvale back in the future but there are no plans to alter the current facilities.”