Conflict continues over Bearsden Golf Club plan to sell land to home builders

A golf club says it will fund a clean-up of a neglected site at the Antonine Wall at Bearsden as part of its plans to sell land to developers in order to build a replacement golf course.

Friday, 23rd August 2019, 12:53 pm
Part of the Antonine Wall site at land at Bearsden Golf Club

Bearsden Golf Club stresses the project to build a new course and “safeguard local historic and greenbelt resources” depends on the successful sale of land to Robertson Homes, who want to build 65 properties on ground at Thorn Road.

Local people, led by Bearsden North Community Council, have expressed 
concern over the homes plan.

The main concern is increased pollution from additional traffic as Bearsden Cross has been named one of the worst areas for air quality in Scotland.

Bearsden Golf course architect Graeme Webster said: “The Antonine Wall has fallen into a poor state through neglect, littering and fly-tipping.

“Our plans to safeguard the Club mean we will be able to cater for all abilities of golfer on a course with hugely improved drainage and turf quality. This includes a widespread clean up and, after consultation with historic and archaeological authorities, we have modified the design so the Wall is not only safeguarded but able to be appreciated”.

He added the club will fund the maintenance and upkeep of this part of the UNESCO World Heritage site and want to work with community groups to improve awareness.

Doreen Adams, Club Captain said the success of the planned collaboration with Robertson Homes was vital. 
The latter have lodged plans with the council to build on the land which the club says is designated for residential development.

Ms Adams added: “We understand any change raises concerns and are respectful of these, but would stress this is a relatively small number of homes. Plans include proposals to make beneficial and practical impact on a historic site and improve flooding issues.

“Without the ability to develop the new course, these advantages, and the future of Club and greenbelt it represents are highly uncertain.”

Gordon Cox, joint-convenor of Bearsden North Community Council said: “We welcome the Bearsden Golf Club proposals to clean up, protect and enhance the Antonine Roman Wall site, which is of course a major historic site of international importance.

“As far as the proposed housing development is concerned we recognise the commitment to deal with flooding issues but remain concerned the detail of how this will be done has still not been made public and we look forward to seeing detailed plans.

“We also recognise the importance of this development to the future of the club and the importance golf plays in local social and health issues.

“However, we also remain very concerned about the increased traffic the development will generate at the Cross, an area with significant air pollution problems adjacent to school. We look forward to hearing how the developers plan to mitigate these problems.”