Granite and Girders as Glasgow Roller Derby take on Aberdeen

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GRANITE met girders as Glasgow Roller Derby’s second travel team – Maiden Grrders – marched north to play Granite City Roller Girls’ A-team – Northern Fights.

A large crowd welcomed the skaters to the track at the Beach Leisure Centre in Aberdeen, on Saturday, May 10, with a colourful contingent of GRD making themselves seen and heard.

It proved to be a close contest as the Glasgow girls found their northern soul sisters in battling, bruising form.

However, Glasgow withstood the pressure and racked up the points, and at half-time it was Northern Fights 53 – Maiden Grrders 74.

In the second half, the Maiden Grrders showed just how formidable a force GRD has become when they turned up the heat on the North Sea warriors.

The final score was Northern Fights 91 – Maiden Grrders 171, with the crowd treated to an excellent bout and outstanding athleticism.

MVP for Glasgow was Haberbashery, with Jess E Ska top jammer and Liz Thrilla voted best blocker.

Full team for Glasgow: Venus Velocity (Capt.), Fighting Torque (Vice Capt.), Fever, Gill I Am, Haberbashery, Jess E Ska, Kira, Liz Thrilla, Megan Hyndman, Submarine, Terror Byte, Viper, Zoe Wannabreakher. Bench crew - Maulin Rouge and Cara Viola.

GCRG: Clinically Wasted (Capt.), Rock’N Riot (Vice Capt.), Crimson Chaos, Guns’N Bosies, Irn Bastet, Kami-Tazzy, Krusty, Mental T Pinutes, Moscow Cruel, Pert Hits, Power Flower, Ruby Riot, Rum n Brazen, The Giggler. Bench crew - Blood Red Bird and Nikki.