Let’s get ready to Rhumble! Glasgow’s Maiden Grrders will welcome Newcastle’s ‘angels of the north’

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THIS Saturday will see the rising stars of Glasgow Roller Derby host the pride of England’s north-east as Newcastle Roller Girls invade Scotland.

Glasgow’s second travel team – the mighty Maiden Grrders – will be aiming to put the ‘deck’ into ‘Ant & Dec’ when they welcome the Canny Belters.

The Geordie warriors will be swapping the foggy Tyne for the cool waters of Clyde (ahem) in what is certain to be a close encounter of the thrilled kind.

Old-school fans of ‘The Dandy’ will remember the Jocks and the Geordies. No boys in shorts here - just super-tough, super-fast, super-fit Valkyries of the skate track.

This ain’t for the faint-hearted – they’ll sell you the whole seat, but you aren’t going to need it.

Last year’s battle went right down to the wire and the Geordie skating stars are revving up for revenge.

Forget the Likely Lads, the ladies on both teams are only likely to do one thing – deliver a sporting conquest full of thrills, spills, hits and wits.

The match takes place on Saturday, June 15 – doors open at 12.30pm.

Don’t miss your chance to back Glasgow’s mega Maiden Grrders, visit http://glasgowrollerderby.com to ensure your ticket for the bout.

It’s just £5 in advance – saving £2 on the door price.

A spokeswoman for the GRD said: “The last bout was a nail-biter and just went Glasgow’s way. This match promises to be just as close and exciting – we can’t wait.

“It’s always a brilliant atmosphere – our fans are just amazing. If you’ve never been before, come along and bring the family – you won’t be disappointed.

“Roller derby has to be seen to be believed, so here’s your chance. It’s Scotland vs England, Glasgow vs Newcastle, GRD vs NRG – it’s going to be a cracker!”

Roller derby is the fastest-growing female sport in the world – combining athleticism, agility, endurance and stamina … all on skates.

Each team has five players at a time on track, one scorer (called a jammer) and four blockers. Points are notched up when the jammer laps the opposing players.

It’s an all-female thrilling collision of skill, physical contact, tactics and guts – played on an oval, flat track over two halves of full-on, heads-up action.

For more information www.glasgowrollerderby.com