Legendary 10k race takes place in Bishopbriggs – were you there?

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ALONG the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal in Bishopbriggs on Saturday, March 10, the skies cleared and Springburn Harriers breathed a sigh of relief – their long-established 10k memorial race for Harriers legend Jack Crawford could go ahead.

For the past two years snow had put paid to the much-loved, early-season race, so a change of date and time worked wonders.

Over 180 runners assembled in Darnley Crescent for Anne Walker, Jack’s daughter, to set them off around the houses for the first kilometre before heading on to the south bank trail path of the canal.

Then it was along to Cadder Bridge and past the 2k mark before the pack turned back on to the canal path proper and headed towards the Leisuredrome.

A good pace was being set and by the time the leaders were heading under the Balmuildy Road bridge towards Lambhill, Shettleston Harrier Adam Peters was striding well in first place, with Kirkintilloch Olympian Stuart Kerr only a few paces away and Irvine’s Alex Allardyce keeping them in his sights.

It wasn’t long before the first female runners were coming through with Central AC pairing of Jennifer Emsley, leading, and Lyndsay Morrison.

While the runners were benefiting from the flat canal course the openness provided the challenge of a slight headwind, however, there were plenty of supporters along the route to spur everyone on.

Once they reached the bridge at Lambhill it was back over and on to the trail back towards the sports centre – 3k to go and a chance to weave through the pathway and gain some ground.

The crowd gathered, waiting for the final 150-metre finishing burst – they were not to be disappointed with Kirkintilloch Olympian Stuart Kerr finishing first ahead of Adam Peters by 48 seconds.

That was the only change in the lead pack with the Irvine man holding on for third place.

The ladies returned the same top two placings as earlier in the race with only a concerted burst of effort by Clydesdale Harrier Anne Murray taking her up into third place.

Many of the participants stayed on after the race to see presentation of prizes.

First female Jennifer Emsley, who hadn’t run the route before, said: “My friends wanted a different race to do and this was surprisingly fast – the winter miles paying off – and it was a very well organised race.”

Kirkintilloch Olympians report:

Stuart Kerr (Kirkintilloch Olympians) ran a superb race to win the Jack Crawford 10k race, beating younger opposition to take the coveted cup, awarded since 1985 in memory of the Springburn Harrier runner.

This year Stuart won in a time of 32.56 – nearly a minute ahead of Adam Peters (Shettleston) and Allan Allardyce (Irvine AC).

The dominance of the Kirkintilloch team was evident too in winning the overall men’s team prize. Stephen Allan (ninth) and Graham McCabe (12th) joined Stuart in picking up their rewards, but with Euan Craig (16th) also setting a fast time, the team prize was comprehensively won.

In the women’s race, Jennifer Emsley (Central AC) was an impressive winner, showing that her winter training on track and road was bringing benefits. Jennifer’s time of 36.36 earned her eighth place overall and was 30 seconds ahead of team mate Lyndsay Morrison.

The winners are pictured.

Results (part one):

1. Stuart Kerr, Kirkintilloch Olympians, 32.56; 2. Adam Peters, Shettleston Harriers, 33.44; 3. Alex Allardyce, Irvine AC, 34.35; 4. Paul Thompson, Helensburgh AAC, 35.25; 5. Gavin Riggs, Unattached, 35.38; 6. Jon Slowe, Westerlands CCC, 35.54; 7. Michael Sweeney, Unattached, 36.05; 8. Jennifer Emsley, Central AC, 36.36; 0. Stephen Allan, Kirkintilloch Olympians, 36.39; 10. David Thom, Ronhill Cambuslang, 37.03; 11. Lyndsay Morrison, Central AC, 37.08; 12. Graham McCabe, Kirkintilloch Olympians, 37.10; 13. Alex Chisholm, Garscube Harriers, 37.12; 14. Stephen Reilly, Calderglen Harriers, 37.14; 15. Mark Livingston, Irvine AC, 37.15; 16. Euan Craig, Kirkintilloch Olympians, 37.18; 17. Emilio Cosimo, Springburn Harriers, 37.37; 18. William Morgan, Irvine AC, 37.46; 19. Colin Miller, Irvine AC, 38.01; 20. James Breem, Hamilton Harriers, 38.17.

21. Stephen Speirs, Kilbarchan AAC, 38.19; 22. Kieran McLaughlin, Garscube Harriers, 38.27; 23. Iain Burns, Unattached, 38.41; 24. Grant Cairns, Springburn Harriers, 38.42; 25. Craig Lamont, Bellahouston Harriers, 38.44; 26. Stephen Cowper, Milburn Harriers, 38.44; 27. William Downie, CAAC, 38.44; 28. Paul Hughes, Kilbarchan AAC, 39.09; 29. Mark Dalgarno, Unattached, 39.43; 30. Scot Hill, Calderglen Harriers, 39.55; 31, Donald Kennedy, Unattached, 40.13; 32. Alasdair MacMillan, Metro Aberdeen Running Club, 40.13; 33. Ruairidh Macdonald, Bellahouston Harriers, 40.18; 34. Gavin Harris, Fusion Triathlon Club, 40.27; 35. John Quinn, Westerlands CCC, 41.02; 36. Anne Murray, Clydesdale Harriers, 41.04; 37. John Berry, Hamilton Harriers, 41.06; 38. Robert Watson, Kirkintilloch Olympians, 41.08; 39. Michelle Hetherington, Helensburgh AAC, 41.09; 40. Stuart Waugh, Calderglen Harriers, 41.12.

41. Mary Mccutcheon, Giffnock North AAC, 41.19; 42. Ewan Wilson, Kelvin Runners, 41.31; 43. Ruth Fraser-Moodie, Unattached, 41.45; 44. Stewart Mulholland, Bellahouston Harriers, 41.54; 45. Graham Laybourn, Unattached, 41.56; 46. John Devine, Royal Mail Run GMC, 41.57; 47. Michael Carey, Edinburgh Triathletes, 41.59; 48. Norman Baillie, Garscube Harriers, 42.19; 49. James McLaren, Falkirk Victoria Harriers, 42.30; 50. Norman Groves, Jog Scotland, 42.39; 51. John Freer, Unattached, 42.39; 52. James Lewis, Springburn Harriers, 42.51; 53. Michele Airns, Unattached, 42.51; 54. Stephen Park, Unattached, 43.21; 55. William Booth, Unattached, 43.25; 56. Dom Doyle, Unattached, 43.28; 57. Hamilton Semple, Westerlands CCC, 43.29; 58. Jennifer Clark, Bellahouston Harriers, 43.32; 59. Dominic Geraghty, Unattached, 43.42; 60. Shona Aiken, Central AC, 43.44.

61. Zoe Richards, The Running Company, 43.50; 62. Wendy Gorman, Glasgow Triathlon Club, 43.50; 63. Joe Chambers, Springburn Harriers, 43.56; 64. Barbara Knox, Springburn Harriers, 43.58; 65. Alastair Henderson, The Running Company, 44.00; 66. Tom McMillan, Bellahouston Road Runners, 44.25; 67. Hilary Millar, Giffnock North AAC, 44.27; 68. Kate Weldon, The Running Company, 44.29; 69. Fraser Shand, Arran Runners, 44.39; 70. Colin Ryding, Unattached, 44.48; 71. Stuart Gray, Unattached, 44.49; 72. John McLaughlin, Garscube Harriers, 45.02; 73. Stephen Wilson, Garscube Harriers, 45.04; 74. Kristina Greig, Bellahouston Harriers, 45.06; 75. Eddie Dickson, Springburn Harriers, 45.07; 76. Barbara Anderson, Garscube Harriers, 45.07; 77. Scot Campbell, Unattached, 45.07; 78. Iain Boyce, Unattached, 45.12; 79. Alex Benetatos, Unattached, 45.14; 80. Cris Walsh, Bellahouston Harriers, 45.14.

* See next week’s Herald for the second part of the results.

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