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LATEST results from Kirkintilloch and Kilsyth Swimming Club:

Emma Scobie and Rachel Gilchrist rewrote the Kirkintilloch and Kilsyth record books at the Cumbernauld Open Swim Meet at the Tryst recently.

Emma Scobie (14) set new club records in the 50m Freestyle which she won in a time of 28.89s, 50m Butterfly which she won in 31.75s and 50m Backstroke when taking the bronze medal in 32.50s. In the Open 50m Freestyle Challenge, where Emma had to swim four rounds of 50m Freestyle, Emma swam 28.98, 29.30, 29.75 and then broke the club record again with an excellent swim of 28.77s to finish second in the final. To top off the weekend Emma also set a personal best in the YM Freestyle.

Rachel Gilchrist (11) set a club record in the 400m Freestyle with a time of 5:26.xx and new personal bests in the 50m Freestyle – 32.68 and 100m Backstroke – 1:23.99.

Heather Lees (12) took second place in the 50m Breaststroke and 50m Butterfly with times of 39.39s and 34.75s. Heather also set a personal best in the 200m Freestyle of 2:31.84.

In the 13-year-old age group, Emma Smith set four personal best performances in the 50m Backstroke – 37.39, 100m Backstroke – 1:24.32 and in the 50m and 100m Freestyle with 31.79s and 1:11.32 – winning two silver medals. Katie McDonald set personal best swims in the 200m Freestyle – 2:38.99, 400m Freestyle – 5:37.35 and 100m Breaststroke in 1:44.28. Katie also joined Emma Smith in the final of the 50m Freestyle where she finished fourth. Liam Campbell swam 36.12 in the 50m Backstroke and Greg Milburn set a two-second personal best in the 50m Backstroke – 37.36.

Gordon Airlie took third place in the 50m Backstroke in a PB of 33.49 and set PBs in the 100m Backstroke – 1:13.26, 50m Breaststroke – 37.30 and 50m Freestyle – 28.34. Charlotte Blair swam well in the 50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke and 50m Freestyle.

In the 11-year-old age group Amy Gulline set a personal best in the 50m Breaststroke in 43.75, 100m Breaststroke in 1:34.71 and swam a strong 200m Freestyle. Erin Gribben swam a personal best of 36.01s in the 50m Freestyle. Kerri-Ann Campbell swam a personal best in the 50m Butterfly in 57.52.

In the 12-year-old age group Christopher Scobie had a strong swim in the 50m Butterfly and a personal best in the 50m Freestyle.

Nine-year-old Aimee Wassell and Megan Scarticcini set personal best performances. Aimee took 13 seconds off her 50m Butterfly with a time of 46.90 and Megan set a new best in the 50m Butterfly of 55.31 and 100m Backstroke in 1:47.90.

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Previously, during a busy couple of weeks for the Kirkintilloch and Kilsyth swim team, 35 personal best performances were set.

At the M&B Graded Meeting in Johnstone, gold medals were won by Heather Lees in the 100m Freestyle and Katie McDonald in the 100m Butterfly, silver medals were won by Jennifer Muir in the 100m Freestyle and Heather Lees in the 100m Butterfly and Aimee Wassell won a bronze in the 100m IM.

It was a busy weekend for Anna Colley in the 11-year-old girls age group where she set six personal best performances. Amy Gulline set a new personal best in the 100m Butterfly, Kerri-Ann Campbell set personal bests in the 50m Butterfly and 50m Breaststroke, Cameron Vallely set personal bests in the 100m Breaststroke IM and Freestyle, and Grant Smith had strong swims in the 100m IM and 50m Freestyle.

There were strong performances in the nine-year-olds 50m Freestyle with Aimee Wassell finishing in fourth, Jocelyn Glennie seventh and Megan Scartaccini eighth.

Along with Xanthie Smith and Hazel Lees the girls went on to set 11 personal best performances between them. In the boys Thomas Donald took three seconds off his 50m Freestyle to record a time of 41.21s and also had a strong swim in the 50m Backstroke.

In the 13-year-old age group Katie McDonald, Kirstin Maclaren and Greg Milburn set six new personal best performances.

At the West District Long Course Championship, 16-year-old Emma Bathgate swam a new personal best in the 800m Freestyle to finish in fourth. Gordon Airlie and Emma Scobie both made the finals of their respective 100m Backstroke events where they finished in fourth and fifth. Charlotte Blair, competing in her first West District meet, finished in 10th position.

Meanwhile, the Kirkintilloch Clyde Coast Mini Leaguers took to the water in Helensburgh this weekend for the first round of the Clyde Coast Mini League.

The team of 13 girls and 5 boys showed their excellent team work and spirit when finishing fourth.

The 9-year-old girls showed the way with wins in the 25m Freestyle by Aimee Wassell, 25m Backstroke by Megan Scartaccini and 25m Breaststroke by Carly Watson. Hazel Lees was second in the 25m Butterfly and Kirsty McNair had a strong swim in the 25m Freestyle. The girls combined for 2nd place in the 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay and 4 x 25m Medley Relay.

The 10-year-old girls of Jocelyn Glennie, Christy Simmons, Kathryn McGillion and Libby Blair produced some strong swims in the individual events and finished in 4th place in the 4 x 25m Freestyle Relay and 4 x 25m Medley Relay.

Cormac Ferguson and Thomas Donald swam well in the 10 year old boys events with Cormac setting personal best performances in the 50m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly and Thomas Donald setting a personal best in the 50m Breaststroke.

In the 11-year-old girls events, Ellie Watson and Amy Gulline finished 4th and 2nd in the 100m Breaststroke, Amy then went on to win the 100m Backstroke. Abby McDuff and Erin Gribben both set personal bests in the 100m Freestyle and 100m Butterfly and all four girls combined very strongly to take second place in both the 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay and 4 x 50m Medley Relay.

In the 11-year-old boys, Cameron Gray swam a personal best to finish in 2nd place in the 100m Breaststroke, Grant Smith swam a very strong Butterfly, and Cameron Vallely finished in 3rd place in the 100m backstroke and in the 100m Freestyle. The boys finished in 2nd place in 4 x 50m Medley Relay and with 10 year old Thomas Donald stepping up in the 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay the boys finished in 2nd place.

In the last event of the day, Megan Scartaccini, Aimee Wassell, Jocelyn Glennie, Christy Simmons, Erin Gribben and Amy Gulline finished 2nd in the 6 x 25m Freestyle Squadron Relay, with Hazel Lees, Carly Watson, Libby Blair, Kathryn McGillion, Abby McDuff and Ellie Watson finishing 4th.

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