Drill to stop slope swing being an uphill struggle

Picture 1
Picture 1

If you are a golfer that is inclined to attack the ball on a steep out-in swing path, resulting in slices, or pulls, then this week’s drill will be very helpful for you.

If you also happen to play at a course with quite severe slopes, this will further enhance your chances of better shots - but only when the ball is positioned above your feet.

Picture 2

Picture 2

As the golfer described above, their worst nightmare is when the ball is positioned below their feet.

Take a look at the first picture. You will clearly see that I have stepped off the back of a tee, and set my club halfway up the slope - my feet are at the bottom of it.

Standing slightly closer, I have also choked down the handle to gain more control of balance throughout the swing. The idea now is to make a normal backswing movement, and end up in the position as shown in the second picture.

Due to the severity of the slope, the arc will be slightly shallower than normal (more around the body) allowing the club to sit just behind my right shoulder. At this point my shoulders have fully turned through 90 degrees with my hips correctly resisting, and only turning through 45.

My right elbow as previously discussed is sitting nicely, tucked into the classic L shape position. At this point my club face should be mirroring the back of my left gloved hand.

During the downswing the idea is to gently brush the turf to ensure that the attack angle is nice and shallow. If it is too steep, then the club will dig into the ground taking lots of turf with it.

Using this simple drill in conjunction with Trackman radar, the path number can go from say -7 to positive 4 in literally two swings. The difference between an out-in swing, from an in-out one, or a slice to a hook. When a true slicer of the ball plays from this type of lie, they think they have found a miracle cure as the slope allows the path to be correctly from the inside.

If they then release the club face properly they can/will hit a lovely draw shape. So if you are/were that slicer, try this simple drill as you will very quickly notice a different ball flight.

Good luck with the process, it shouldn’t take very long.