Garcia bounces back from spill to help Tigers top table

Coty Garcia of Glasgow Tigers (pic by Ian Adam))
Coty Garcia of Glasgow Tigers (pic by Ian Adam))

Coty Garcia revealed how he was struggling to breathe after a horror spill - but still soldiered on to help Glasgow return to the top of the Premier League.

The beaten-up Argentinian raced to 8+1 despite being sent flying through the air in his first heat against Berwick, which left him with a possible broken nose.

He joined skipper Aaron Summers for a 5-1 to get his biggest win of the day in heat seven to send the home team seven clear.

Summers went on to score a paid 15-point maximum including a superb win over Theo Pijper when the former Glasgow man looked set to give the Bandits a big heat advantage on a tactical double in heat 11.

The Tiger finished strongly to win 53-38.

Garcia’s spectacular get-off came after Berwick reserve Liam Carr locked up in front of him - causing the Tigers man to clip his back wheel and throwing him heavily onto the shale.

He said: “The track was a little bit greasy and the guy in front just locked up the bike.

“I came in with the speed and I found his bike in the middle of the corner and hit it with my front wheel.

“My shoulder is really painful and my nose is too - I don’t know if the crash was good to watch or not but it was hard.

“It’s painful when I breathe. I’m breathing through my mouth now which is not good when I am riding.

“Every single point after that crash is a plus and I won one of the heats with my bike completely bent.

“After that I jumped on Ryan Macdonald’s bike - I must say thank you to them for letting me have it - and I managed another couple of points.”

Glasgow now have two-and-a-half weeks off at home with Edinburgh the next visitors, live on Sky Sports, on Wednesday June 29. The Friday before that they visit the Monarchs in a crunch Premier League tie.