Glens finish season in fourth position

Allan Glens Rugby Club
Allan Glens Rugby Club

Although Glens’ forwards matched their opposite numbers and indeed controlled the scrums for most of the game the home backs did the damage with their fast and elusive backs.

Acads scored after only eight minutes and added to their tally at regular intervals.

Glens, however, had three quite spectacular tries. First some excellent handling by Ekivati and Moore allowed the latter to score and indeed convert his own try.

The McKay kicked over the heads of the home defence from their twenty two line and beat them to the touch down. Again Moore converted.

The last try was a perfect example of persistence when the home defence made five attempts to touch down in their dead ball area, failed to ground the ball and the visitors’ Ekivati stole a well earned try.

Academicals and Glens finished third and fourth respectively in the table and look forward to next year when and good number of this years under 18s will be available for senior duty next season.