Lawson signs on again with Glasgow Tigers

Richard Lawson of Glasgow Tigers (pic by George Mutch)
Richard Lawson of Glasgow Tigers (pic by George Mutch)

Richard Lawson has signed up for a third consecutive season with Glasgow Tigers; and insists there's nowhere else he'd rather be.

The 30-year-old is the club's second signing for 2017 and joins Aaron Summers once again at the Peugeot Ashfield Stadium.

He comes in on an attractive 8.22 average, leaving 23.21 points for the five riders needed to complete the Tigers team.

Lawson says he was never in doubt about where he wanted to be next year.

He said: "I love it at Glasgow - it'll be my third season next year and I'm looking to keep on improving. There's no other place I'd rather be. It's a great club and I'm excited to be back.

"I don't like jumping around clubs and when I find somewhere I like, I want to stay there. It's a nice feeling that everything is familiar.

"I think we need to win some more trophies and winning the league is a personal ambition of mine. I also want to get back to No 1 and keep hold of that all season, and just help the team out however I can.

"In the last month of the season I bought a new engine and that really helped me out - so I'm looking to continue that. If I can get another one of them it would help me out even more. Since I got that engine I've felt like a different rider."

Next year will be Lawson's fourth with Summers, a partnership which has scored vital points in countless heat 15s at Ashfield.

He said: "Me and Aaron did a season together before we signed at Glasgow, so we know what each other are about. It's good to have that foundation and a familiarity between us and we can help the rest of the guys out."