Points in the bag for 10-man Rossvale

Rossvale v Royal Albert
Rossvale v Royal Albert

We’re playing without fear - that was the message this week form Rossvale manager Martin Lauchlan following his side’s econd league win on Saturday.

Despite going down to ten men against Royal Albert, Rossvale kept two strikers up front and stuck to their original game plan and going on to win the league clash at Petershill Park 2-0.

Martin Lauchlan said: “I’m a believer in positive football and if you go down to ten men and change to a 4-4-1, I just feel you invite more pressure on to you.

“Although we had to shuffle the pack a bit, we kept it 4-3-2 and I think that made the difference.

“We have a responsibility to play football in the right manner and that includes continuing with the game plan even when you lose a man.”

He added: “We’re all enjoying the football at the moment and the games can’t quick enough for us.

“This week we’ll face the title favourites Forth who have spent a lot of money bringing in players over the summer.

“They are expected to turn us over but that will suit us. We’ll go there with no fear and attack them.”